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Sep 14, 2018

Fellas - Avoiding vegetables doesn't make you more manly...

And eating a bun doesn't make ground steak more manly. 

There is nothing cool about a "dadbod" 

Jan 14, 2018

Would you let your kids have cigs in the house? Exactly. 

How is it that we are grossed out by smoking but don't bat an eye when a fat kid is eating an ice cream cone or bag of chips? 

Hopefully this short podcast will jump start a big and greatly needed change in your home. 


Nov 30, 2017

This one small shift in thinking has made a world of difference for me. 

Just apply this  and you'll see so many things improve. 

Small rant aren't dogs, stop bribing them with treats! 

Nov 10, 2017

Nutrition doesn't have to be confusing. Let me explain my simple and effective approach to carbs. 

Let's also talk about fiber and important that is to your health and weightloss goals. 

Aug 22, 2017

We answered these questions and more. 

How do I know what my portion sizes should be? 

What about kids? 

Does Fruit have too much sugar? 

Breakfast foods - What should I eat for Breakfast

My biggest diet related pet peeve. 

If I could give one nutrition tip it would be....

Superfoods - What are they? 

If I could only...