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Jan 15, 2019

I take decades of obsessive learning and pack it into 70 minutes of nuts and bolts learning for you. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be confusing. After listening to this information a few times you’ll come away knowing exactly how you and your family should be eating.

“It was A-MAZING! Love how passionate...

Nov 30, 2018

It's a skill most people don't have. This simple tool will have a HUGE impact on your life and the lives of those around you. 

Sep 14, 2018

Fellas - Avoiding vegetables doesn't make you more manly...

And eating a bun doesn't make ground steak more manly. 

There is nothing cool about a "dadbod" 

Feb 2, 2018

This little mindset shift makes a huge difference in your weightloss journey. Don't make yourself, and those around you, miserable. 

Jan 14, 2018

NONE! That's how much protein powder I use. Ever! 

You are constantly being marketed to believe you need to buy protein powders. 

Collagen protein is the new one everyone is asking about. 

Let me save you some money! And expensive pee!